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Melissa Smith

Melissa started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2004. She fell in love with the sweating and the feeling she felt when class was over. Purification and intouch with a part of her that she had forgotten existed. After attending the The Art of Vinyasa, she realized there was more to yoga than just postures and more than just 26 that you practiced twice. She followed her curiousity to her first teacher training at Red Door Yoga(now Red Sun Yoga) with Jeanie Laslo. Becoming a teacher wasn't her intention, but somewhere inside of her one existed. In 2008, she teamed up with fellow yogi, Mellony Ritchey and opened Renew Yoga.

She has completed her Vinyasa Training with Stephanie Keach, Barkan's Level 2, Prenatal Training, Global Family Yoga, Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Training, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 1 and 2.

She continues to learn and share the inspiration of the teachers that have most influenced her, such as Jeanie Laslo, Stephanie Keach, Sri Dharma Mittra, Jimmy Barkan, Kate Potter, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, Biff Mithofer, Karen Hasskarl, Jen Munyer and Sarah Powers.

Sharing the gift of yoga is forever her service to the community. Each experience and encounter is an opportunity to learn. You can keep up with her at

Mellony Ritchey

Mellony received her 800 hour RYT in Toronto, CA with Moksha Yoga Communities in 2006. She started her practice in Hot Yoga and knew she wanted to deepen her practice and go through a Yoga Teacher Training Program. Since the completion of her 800 Hour Hot Yoga Certification she has had a desire to explore and learn as much as much as possible about yoga, alignment, benefits of a regular practice.

She was fortunate to practice and train with many great yoga teachers and students to deepen her experience and fundamentals of yoga and it's roots. Her practice has been a compliment to many of the things Mellony enjoys in life. She loves sharing her expereiences of growth and knowledsge of the human body and it's amazing capabilities, as long as we are open to receiving, giving, and forgiving.

Mellony has continued her certification with over 900 hours of Certified Trainings in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Prenatal Yoga.

Mellony has had the honor of taking classes and trainings with many amazing teachers such as Moksha School of Yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra, Johnny Kest, Bryan Kest, David Swenson, Michael Stone, and Stephanie Keach. As a teacher and student Mellony loves learning, practicing, and sharing through her teachings.

Alexis Martin

Alexis Martin is a natural teacher with a passion to warm hearts, open minds, and diminish fear. As founder/director of Prenatal to the Cradle, Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT500, mother, doula and musician, she shows us what it means to really be alive. She is known for her uplifting energy, fun-loving attitude, warm contagious smile and animated laughter. Her deep and integrated knowledge of the human body and spirit allow her to connect with any student and cater to any body type. She truly makes yoga available to everyone.

Be prepared to sweat, grow, breathe, and fly because every moment is a chance to be infinite. Also known as the "flo-rida", Alexis's asana sequences are full of challenge, playfulness, and creativity. You will be right side up AND right side down in every class she leads. She has a very hands-on approach, and gives personalized information and adjustments to each student so that they may build a foundation based in impeccability of alignment. In addition to the invigorating flow, her messages lead to a place of self-inquiry, acceptance, and healing. It is nothing less than a dynamic combination. Experiencing more than just a typical asana class, students leave the yoga room feeling vulnerably empowered and craving the next chance to get on their mat or meditation cushion.

Storytelling and sharing life experience set a platform from which Alexis opens her heart & you truly meet the warm transparent spirit that lies within. She also loves to intertwine messages from the yoga sutras, 8 limb path, and insight from her own teachers, in order to support living a meaningful and satisfying life. She attributes her encouraging style of teaching to that of her mentors such as Seane Corn, Brock & Krista Cahill, Krishna Das, Dice Iida-Klein & Briohny Smyth, Anodea Judith, Marianne Williamson, Phillip Askew and Bryan Kest.

After Alexis' daughter, Emerson, was born in September of 2009, she discovered her calling to work with women through their birthing journey. Ever the dedicated student, Alexis devoured every scrap of information regarding pregnancy, birth and mothering while carrying, birthing and raising Emerson. It was this experience that opened her eyes to the deeper understanding of wordless compassion and selfless service that motherhood brings. It also opened her eyes to the understanding that yoga can be part of anybody's life, especially the lives of women going through the birthing process, which inspired her to pursue certification in prenatal yoga.

Following the integration of birthing into her yogic practice, Alexis decided to take her practice off her mat and into the birthing world as a doula. Her passion for support and encouraging women to use own their intuition and embrace their birthing choices has been a driving force for every birth yet. "There is nothing more magical than being invited into the intimate moment when a new mother receives her precious miracle for the first time. Many believe that when you see the face of your child for the first time, it is like seeing the face of God. For a doula, it is when we see the mother."

Alexis is currently based in Ormond Beach, Florida, has taught thousands of hours of yoga since her first yoga class in 2006, and is a certified 500ERYT with Yoga Alliance. She offers prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, women's intuition series, journey through breath and sound, detox classes, yoga asana (posture) clinics, and advanced yoga anatomy classes.

Alexis is a full-fledged lover of life and everything that comes along with it. When she isn't teaching or practicing yoga, she is adventurously traveling the world, savoring food, marveling at nature, being silly with friends, or stealing kisses from her husband and daughter. You will often find her with her hands down and heels up! Alexis finds inspiration and beauty everywhere she goes and in everything she does. Most importantly, she believes that yoga is a journey that allows all of us to live and practice our yoga on and off our mat daily so that we may be the change we wish to see in the world.

Connor Wisniewski

There's only one person that I know that has a passion for teaching, anatomy, philosophy, and, to top it off, that lovably dry sense of humor. Yes, I'm talking about Connor. This young man is a talented and driven student of, well, life! And he brings all of this to his yoga classes. Connor completed his RYT-200 at Blue Moon Yoga and Fitness of Ormond Beach Fl as well as his RYT-500 at Hot House Yoga also of Ormond Beach. He draws his inspirational teaching style from the influences of Shelly Kwiatkouski, Alexis Martin, Dylan Werner, Steve Ross, Rolf Gates, Brian Kest and Leslie Kaminoff. As well as the sacred texts of The Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita.

While Connor was initially drawn to the practice of yoga for the physical aspect, he soon learned that there was so much more. To him yoga is the process of taking fragmented, impotent energy and focusing it into an indomitable force capable of creating positive change and growth immeasurable if chosen to be used in the proper ways. In his classes, Connor teaches to Svadhyaya, the yogic term for self study. He says that his intention behind teaching is to inspire his students to look inward, to overcome the obstacles they face on their path, and to truly create a connection with themselves. While all that sounds like it would be a daunting class, Connor has never been known as an overly serious person. He keeps the mood light hearted, fun, and humorous with creative and explorative sequencing. He likes to spend time on his hands so you can expect arm balances and inversions all while being encouraged and inspired in a friendly manor. Connor likes to teach Vinyasa and Yin classes that typically range from intermediate to advanced. Connor also as an extensive knowledge anatomy and has been trained to be able to read bodies and target what you need opened most. No matter what class you choose, you're sure to walk away feeling better than before. Maybe even a little sore. ;)

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