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Classes Offered

VIN YIN (Heat)

Vin Yin is the perfect combination of Yang and Yin. The first part of class is a powerful Vinyasa Flow(Yang) that works the muscles bringing heat, strength, and awareness into the body. The last part of class focuses on the connective tissues in the hips and lower back along with the meridians in the body. This class will challenge you and awaken your senses. (Level I-II)



This relaxing class will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated, including both stretching and restorative yoga. Appropriate for all levels, beginners can stretch gently, while more seasoned practitioners can progress to deeper stretches. Props will be available for extra support and relaxation.




Inside you is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands about the very natural process of birth.  During this transitional time many physical & emotional changes take place. Prenatal yoga is about honoring these changes in our hearts and our bodies as we connect to the baby honor the Goddess within.  Conducted in a peaceful, yet fun environment, the class uses yogic postures to help strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, improve circulation, aid digestion, keep the body flexible and increase overall comfort during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga maybe practiced through all trimesters(clearing any medical issues with care provider) and is a great way to connect with other mothers-to-be- and establish friendships that go far beyond the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. No previous yoga experience is required. Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and bottle of water to drink.


NATURAL MEDITATION (Meets 1st Thursday of every month)

Meditation with Michael



Slow it down, breathe into the new available spaces and savor the experience of paying attention.  Begin to strengthen your weak spots with a gentle practice that will guide your body and mind back into balance.  This is the class in which "less is more".

BEGINNERS YOGA (Heated and Non-Heated)

Our beginners classes offer the perfect introduction to yoga.  Slower paced classes that focus on technique, alignment, breathing and the overall basics that create a strong foundation in yoga. Whether you are looking to improve your practice through a closer examination of postures or you have never stepped foot on a mat before, this class is sure to leave you with a greater understanding of your practice.


This is all levels Hatha Yoga class offered at a discounted rate of $5.



Vinyasa Flow  yoga  is an extremely popular style of practice appealing to those who like a sense of constant movement through a  sequence of postures.  This practice stresses using ujjayi breathing, core strength, and focus/gaze.  We recommend starting in a Beginners Level I yoga class learning the fundamentals of the poses, breath,  and movement before coming to any Level II class.







Located in Downtown Daytona Beach
220 South Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
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